The Poverty and Inequality Practice

The Poverty and Inequality Practice (PIP) is a small independent UK-based company founded in 2012 which provides research and advisory services to governments and international development agencies on social protection policy development in Africa and Asia.     PIP uses interdisciplinary approaches combining qualitative and quantitative methods and is headed by Anna McCord,  working in collaboration with a range of international researchers. 

Currently PIP is developing a programme of work to examine the implications of climate disruption for Social Protection provision in the medium term, looking at both practical programming issues and also the conception of social protection more widely, through the Climate Change and Social Protection (CCASP) Initiative, which is co-Lead by Anna and Cecilia Costella, with inception funding from DFAT. 

PIP celebrates its 10th birthday in October 2022 and would like to thank the governments, research institutions and international development institutions with whom it has worked over this time to take forward the social protection agenda, including ODI, OPM, Development Pathways, IIED, the Red Cross Climate Centre, Save the Children, FCDO, GIZ, KFW, DFAT, the World Bank, ILO, UNICEF, IFAD, WFP, FAO, IADB,  the HSRC, and Universities of Sheffield, Wolverhampton, Manchester and Addis Ababa.

Here’s to the next ten years…

Meet the team!

Anna McCord

Anna is a sociologist with a PhD in economics, and three decades of experience in international development, the first decade in the NGO sector working on humanitarian interventions and then social policy, and the second two in government, academe and research, working on various aspects of social protection with a wide range of national and international agencies.   Anna is currently focussing on the question of social protection as a mass response to climate change-induced livelihoods and environmental degradation in the medium term and studying part time for a Masters in Environmental Science with the Open University.

Manannan Donoghoe

MPhil (Dist) University of Oxford | Bachelor (Hnrs 1st class) University of Sydney

Manann is an Australian social scientist focusing on the intersection of climate change impacts and social inequality. He has a background in environmental economics and has worked for the World Bank, RedCross Red Crescent Climate Centre, and the Australian Bureau of Agriculture,Resource Economics, and Sciences, where his work focused on social protection responses for climate change impacts and environment and resource policy. Manann holds degrees from the University of Oxford and the University of Sydney and has published academically and in working and policy papers. He is motivated by a desire to help develop policy solutions that ensure the vulnerable are protected from climate change impacts and benefit from climate adaptation.

Daniela Baur

MA in International Social Development

Daniela provides PiP with administrative support and all things techy! Daniela has a background in social development and particular professional expertise in qualitative methodologies and communication skills. Over the last four years, Daniela’s work and research has focussed on social protection in crises affected countries. She brings 8 years’ professional experience in crosscutting themes of social inclusion, poverty reduction, community resilience, natural resource management and education.